U-Shaped Cotton Sleeping Support Pillow For Pregnant Women

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Helps Sleeping Posture

The pillow helps sleeping posture when sleeping on the side. This relaxes you and helps you sleep comfortably.

Protects the waist

Protects the waist by offering a comfortable sleeping position for your belly and your back.

Can be used as lactation pillow

Can be used as a soft support for child while lactating.

Comfortable to lean on

The pillow is very comfortable to lean on, and it helps you lean in a healthy position for your back.

Relaxing for legs

It offers you a relaxing position for your whole body, including your legs, which comes in handy especially in the later stages of the pregnancy.

Pillow Properties

  • Size: 130*70(cm) or 51*27(inch)
  • Weight: ~1.3kg
  • Material: Cotton
  • Shape: U-Shaped