Unisex Heated Thermal Vest

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This heated thermal vest is going to keep you warm during the cold mornings of winter, regardless the temperature, you will be safe from cold. This vest will keep you warm and protect you from getting a cold. The vest will heat your whole back and even your neck. Turn on and off whenever you want to. The vest gets heated to the desired level quickly, it takes only one minute to reach 31 degrees Celsius, and it takes up to 5 minutes to reach the 45 degrees Celsius mark.

You have 3 modes available: 


  • Energy Saver: This will heat the vest to 25 degrees Celsius, autonomy: 10-12h
  • Comfortable: Up to 35 degrees Celsius, autonomy: 8-10h
  • Warm: 45 degrees Celsius, for very cold days, autonomy: 6-8h

This product has been tested and awarded multiple safety certificates. You can put it into the washing machine and wash it just as you wash your regular clothes. DO NOT WRING DRY, it can damage the water resistant carbon fiber.

The jacket is windproof, warm, anti-static, thin and light.